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14 Jul, 2020

Why we think short-term leases might be great for you

Image source: @freepik

A type of rental, which has been gaining increased popularity in the recent past, is short term rentals. As part of Short Term Rental properties, the owner of property rents out a home for a short-term stay ranging from a month to six months as opposed to an annual term.

Most rental agencies and companies define short-term as six months or less. But it really can be any lease under a year whose length is tailored to fit either your or the property owner’s needs.

Advantages for Tenants:

1. Flexibility

Tenants have the option of choosing the time they want to stay and leave (as agreed with the owner).


2. Fully Furnished

Almost every short-term rental comes fully furnished, which means that tenants need not worry about having to buy more furniture or appliances.


3. Better than some hotels

Many short-term rentals are very much like hotels, offering excellent amenities, spacious accommodation, and a high level of comfort, all at relatively affordable prices.


4. Suitable for short term needs

Highly suitable for executive employees, who are on short or medium-term missions. They are also useful for newcomers in the country, who are looking to first explore the city before finally zeroing in on an area for their long-term residence.


How Mirage Property can make your property search a breeze!


If you are looking to rent a short-term property, Mirage International Property Consultants can make your search easier, as we have a large number of short term properties listed with us at exciting prices. All of these properties are elegantly furnished and fully equipped with all the amenities one would expect in your own home and are strategically located in the different parts of Qatar and positioned within very easy access of multiple retail shopping facilities as well as a gastronomy of restaurants and other fine eateries.


Click Short Term For Rent to see the list of our Short Term Rental Properties.


Start your property search journey with us, speak to a leasing consultant now by calling +97444444431 or WhatsApp us +97455710814.


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