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29 Jun, 2020

Why hire a property manager?

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As a property owner, you’ll know that managing a rental requires a lot of time and expertise. While many landlords usually try to manage their own properties from a distance at first, ultimately most tend to choose hiring a property manager to save themselves from the constant hassle and to have someone on site to properly manage, market and physically meet prospective tenants. 

A Property manager take care of the rental property basics – minor repairs, vetting prospective tenants, collecting rents – so you can focus on my career, family, and locating the next profitable rental property investment

In that sense, by hiring a property manager, landlords gets the benefits of being a landlord without all the hard work. One of the most important roles that a property manager plays is that they act as a buffer between the tenant and the landlord. The landlord doesn’t receive random calls, texts, or emails from tenants at all hours of the day or night. That is why, hiring an experienced property manager is perfect for landlords who resides far away from their property.

The key to making sure this strategy works is ensuring you only invest in properties with enough cash flow to pay for a property manager and still score a sizeable rate of return.



Are you ready to look for a property manager? Here’s why you should hire mirage as your property manager.

Mirage International Property consultants have been active in the local and international real estate market for 16 years. We not only specialize in International and Local Sales, but also in Leasing, Property Management and Facilities management. 

Our commitment in providing intelligent real estate solutions have been reflected in our continuous pursuit to implement and uphold an effective Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Management System in line with international standard requirements. As of December 2019 MIPC proudly received its official accreditation of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification.


Our Property management services. 

  • Property appraisal
  • Managing property enquires and viewing
  • Contract preparation Arabic/English
  • Rent Collections
  • Site inspections
  • Quarterly reports
  • Reactive and preventative Maintenance


What other reasons do you need?

Get all the benefits of being a landlord without all the hard work.

Call us now to find out more! 

Tel: (+974) 4444 4431 

Phone: (+974) 5571 0814


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