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16 Sep, 2020

Invest in your Future. Obtain your lifetime Citizenship/Residency in Greece & Cyprus through Real Estate Investment

Mirage International Property Consultants is pleased to offer you spectacularly beautiful properties on the most scenic places in all the Greek and Cyprus Islands. 

To learn more about these Properties, Greek Golden Visa or Permanent Residency Permit, please join the webinar with our International Property Experts by clicking on the below link:

Date: Tuesday, 29th September 2020 at 7:00PM Qatar Time

Did you know, that Greece and Cyprus, are one of the most ideal destinations for Property buyers and Investors.

Greece and Cyprus are one of the world’s most captivating destinations. Embrace a spectacular land of beauty with an endless variety of landscapes. From rugged snow-capped mountains and ancient ruins to turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. 

Greece offers investors an affordable real estate investment route to securing resident permit which can be owned by a single owner or in joint ownership with a minimum investment of 250,000 € by each investor. The property can be located anywhere within the Greek mainland or islands and may be either residential or commercial.

Greece Golden Visa offers you Schengen Visa to travel in EU with ease. The holders which includes Investor, Investor’s spouse, children below 21 years of age and Parents of Investor and Parents of the spouse have access to excellent education, healthcare and an insurance policy for an uncertain future for only 250,000 Euros.

Whether you invest through the Cyprus Investment program in order to receive a citizenship or a permanent residency, or simply to have a property in Cyprus for holiday use. Discover the limitless opportunities through us.

The property specialists in Greece and Cyprus will guide you all the way through, from choosing the right property till the day of registering the title deed.

There are straight forward procedures when buying a property in Greece and Cyprus. So, if you were thinking of buying in Greece and Cyprus before, or if the prospect has just become a lot more appealing, here are the best places to buy in Greece and Cyprus.

Call Now for a free consultation or Visit our website to learn more!

(+974) 4444 4431
(+974) 5571 0814


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