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Sell Your Property in Qatar

11 Jun, 2020

Guide to Sell Your Property in Qatar

Are you a property owner looking to sell your property in Qatar?

Mirage property have put together a few points to remember when going through the sale process.  

  • Find the right real estate agent. 
    Selecting a good real estate agent is key to selling your home quickly and at the best price. An experienced agent will support you and educate you about the real estate market and the selling process, providing a concise report recommending appropriate sales price and the estimated time frame you should expect to sell your property given market conditions.
    Look for someone with a realistic and tactful approach, who can see the drawbacks of your home and it’s selling points.
  • Make a plan to prepare your house for sale. 
    Making the property look as presentable as possible gives you the best chance of selling in a timely and profitable manner. It increases the chances of getting offers at the highest possible price. As soon as you make the decision to sell your home, start a list to keep track of potential home repairs and other tasks, from tiny to major. Decide what to fix wisely, as it is unlikely that you could recoup the full cost of home improvements.
  • Property appraisal 
    Your real estate agent will visit your property to carry out a property appraisal. Pricing has a large influence on selling your property, therefore proper pricing is key. Pricing is based on development, location, property type along with planning a strategy for the best possible sale of your property.
  • List your property for sale
    In order to begin listing your property, you will be required to sign a brokerage agreement and a copy of your title deed. A brokerage agreement is a contract between a seller and a broker outlining the terms and must be in place by law in order to sell or market any property.
  • Marketing your property
    It’s time to market your home. Your selected agency will take professional photos of your home and prepare a description to list your property in various platforms. Making sure to list your property on all available portals, social media and other marketing mediums to secure to get the widest audience possible. This leaves no stone unturned in promoting your home to its fullest extent. 
  • Showing property to potential buyers 
    Once the property is marketed, inquiries will start rolling in. Your property consultant will offer information and answers to questions about the property, community, price, and all related factors around selling your property and arrange viewings with potential buyers. Your agent will report back to you on most promising leads and facilitate negotiations in your behalf (with your agreed price range) with potential buyers. 
  • Seller and buyer agreement terms 
    Once there is a serious buyer, both parties will be required to sign the necessary documents to finalise the sale.


Ready to start selling your property?


We have ready investors that are looking for investment opportunities.

Mirage International Property consultants have been active in the local and international real estate market for 16 years. We not only specialize in international and local sales, but also in leasing, property management and facilities management. 

We are here to help sellers to price, market, showcase and finalize sales. Capitalizing on local knowledge from years of experience. Mirage property uses an extensive local network and marketing tools to maximize exposure of your property to potential buyers.


Speak to our property consultant to jump start your property selling process. 


Tel: (+974) 4444 4431
Phone: (+974) 5571 0814


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