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Invest in Qatar’s Real Estate

19 Jan, 2021

A Great time to Invest in Qatar’s Real Estate market!

Get Permanent or 99 years’ Residency, benefit by investing in Qatar’s Real Estate market

The Sales market has been more exciting than ever before. It’s a great time for buyers looking at purchasing property. The recent law amendment of expanding freehold ownership in residential and commercial sectors has provided further incentives to foreign owners to have outright property ownership in Qatar. This comes via implementation of Law No. 16 of 2018 on the regulation of non-Qatari ownership and use of Real Estate.

With the recent extension to Law No. 16 of 2018, Qatar has now allowed foreigners (non-Qataris) to own Real Estate properties in more areas by increasing the number of freehold and leasehold zones in Qatar.

Non-Qatari individuals can now own properties in 9 freehold areas, which was limited to 3 before, while the number of areas where foreigners can invest in Real Estate has also been increased to 16 (99-year lease). So, non-Qataris can own and invest in Real Estate in 25 areas of Qatar.

Foreigners, who buy in these designated freehold zones are automatically granted permanent residency, which extends to the owner’s family, for the whole duration of the ownership.

The nine areas covered by freehold ownership are West Bay (Area 66), The Pearl-Qatar (66), Al Khor Resort (74), Rawdat Al Jahaniyah (investment area), Al Qassar (administrative area 60), Al Dafna (administrative area 61), Onaiza (administrative area 63), Al Wasail (69), Al Khraij (69) and Jabal Theyleeb (69).

The 16 areas where non-Qataris can lease real estate for a period of 99 years are Msheireb (Area 13), Fereej Abdelaziz (14), Doha Al Jadeed (15), New Al Ghanim (16), Al Refaa and Old Al Hitmi (17), Salata (18), Fereej Bin Mahmoud (22), Fereej Bin Mahmoud (23), Rawdat Al Khail (24), Mansoura and Fereej Bin Dirham (25), Najma (26), Umm Ghuwailina (27), Al Khulaifat (28), Al Sadd (38), Al Mirqab Al Jadeed and Fereej Al Nasr (39) and the Doha International Airport area (48).

If you are planning to buy property in Qatar and benefit from this law, Mirage International Property Consultants offers a diverse portfolio of properties ranging from Apartments, Hotel Apartments, Villas, Townhouses, Commercial Villas and Retail & Offices Spaces.

Our exceptionally professional Sales and Leasing consultants work hard to grasp and fulfill your needs, while providing you with the best selection of properties, to ensure a more positive property search experience. Speak to our consultant now by calling the number provided or visit our website to view current available properties for sale.

Your Single Solution Company, here in Qatar for over 16 years.

Speak to a leasing consultant now by calling (+974) 4444 4431 or WhatsApp us at (+974) 5571 0814.

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